Online Test for “Social Welfare – Supervisor ” Exam.

Online Test for “Social Welfare – Supervisor ” Exam.

Topic – Society

Questions – 20

Time – 20 minutes

#1 Find out the incorrect match

#2 ‘Man is a social animal.’ Who said this?

#3 — is a system of relationship between cells

#4 Who has compared society with an organism?

#5 Sociology is a science that deals with;

#6 In Sociology, ‘Society’ refers to the ——

#7 Society is the total social heritage of folkways, mores and Institutions, of habits, sentiments and ideals. This is a —— view of society.

#8 Who among the following has given the structural view of society?

#9 Who among the following has given the functional view of society?

#10 According to …………. society is a web of social relations.

#11 The relation existing between a type writer and a desk can be called—

#12 The relationship between fire and smoke is not a social one as the very relationship is not in any way determined by ———

#13 According to Giddings, society rests on —

#14 According to — theory, individuals made a mutual agreement and created society

#15 Society is not a make, but a growth. This view is related to ——

#16 Animal society is based on —— whereas human society is based on ——

#17 ———the process by which the individual learns to conform to the norms of the group

#18 communities can be categorized terms of.

#19 A group of people with the same or related occupations is usually termed as.

#20 Homogeneity farming and subsistence economy are salient features of.



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