Online Test for Supervisor Exam – Unit-6

No. of Questions: 50

Time: 1000 Sec.

#1 Go back to the Vedas was motto of:

#2 The Arya samaj was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi in….

#3 Who was described as the Martin Luther of Hinduism?

#4 Sati act was passed due to efforts of:

#5 The Brahmo Samaj was founded in:

#6 The Brahmo Samaj was established by:

#7 The charity organization societies was founded in:

#8 Philanthropy means:

#9 Social work originated in:

#10 Social work originated in:

#11 The University Commission is also known as:

#12 University education Commission was appointed by the Government of India on:

#13 Telangana movement was started in:

#14 Champaran Satyagraha was started in:

#15 The chairman of the first University Education commission in Independent india was:

#16 Which of the following denotes empowerment of women?

#17 National system of education implies:

#18 Child Labour is mainly due to:

#19 Children’s Right Day is celebrated on:

#20 United Nation Convention on Rights of Women was held in:

#21 The Punjab Land Alienation Act was Passed in:

#22 Home Rule Movement was started by:

#23 Magna Carta is the another name of:

#24 Service to Humanity was the Motto of:

#25 Pabna Movement was started in:

#26 Indigo Revolt of Bengal was led by:

#27 Indigo Revolt of Bengal was started in:

#28 Mohammaden Literary Society was founded:

#29 Rama Krishna Mission was founded by:

#30 Suddhi Movement was started by:

#31 The author of the book “From Charity to Social Work” is:

#32 What is not true about social work?

#33 Philanthropy was modernized by whom in the 1600s, which is largely credited with preventing the work from being owned by horticulture.

#34 The term Philanthropy is a __________ term which directly translated means “Love of mankind”.

#35 Who simply defined philanthropy as “love of mankind; good nature”.

#36 A philosophical critique of charity can be found in “The Soul of Man, written by:

#37 The goal of social work is

#38 The objective of the social reform is:

#39 “Papers on social work – an Indian Perspective” was written by:

#40 ___________ group advocate social and environment causes and sometimes create conflict in order to effect social change.

#41 In which article of the constitution refer to the welfare activities of the people:

#42 Central social welfare board was set up in:

#43 Who among the following said that wealth increase in the same proportion as poverty?

#44 The earliest reference to charity is to be found in the ______ which encourage charity by saying “May the one who gives, shine the most”.

#45 “The scientific study of human populations, primarily with respect to their size, their structural and their development” is

#46 When was the Hindu College, Calcutta established?

#47 Who of the following leaders is not associated with the Brahmo Samaj?

#48 When was Brahmo Samaj Split?

#49 Who established Prarthna Samaj?

#50 The scientific society was founded by:



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