Online Test for Supervisor Examination ( UNIT-3)

UNIT- 3 (Supervisor Membership Group, Test Series)

No. of Questions – 50

Time Duration: 1000 Sec

#1 Which of the following is not included in measuring economic development?

#2 The take-off model of development is associated with-

#3 Transition form underdevelopment to development would pass through________

#4 The other name of two-sector model of development is:

#5 Dependency theory emerges as reaction to western model of development in__

#6 Which theory believes in liberalization, Stabilization, privatization?

#7 which theory views developments as labour increasingly moves away from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector?

#8 Who among the following was not associated with Dependency theory?

#9 which among the following is the best indicators of social-well being?

#10 Family Planning programme in India was started in…..

#11 Who wrote “First Essay on Population?

#12 Which of the following is a broader term?

#13 As a concept, economic growth development is more relevant for:

#14 Schumpeter for economic development, gave importance to :

#15 Marxian economist advocates dependence is on:

#16 Among underdeveloped countries, weak state referred to as:

#17 Skilled manpower of underdeveloped countries working in developed countries is leading to:

#18 Difficulties in developing human resources in under developed countries are:

#19 By an unlimited supply of labour, Lewis meant

#20 The book “Third world” was written by:

#21 Which of the following is/are the social indicators of HDI?

#22 What according to the UNDP (United nation development programme) are the components of Human development?

#23 Which of the following is not a Human Development Report?

#24 Which article of the Indian constitution guarantees free and compulsory education to children aged 6 to 14?

#25 According to Lewis the Subsistence sector is that part of the economy which :

#26 The classical model of economic development considers

#27 Which of the following elements is not part of Porter’s Five Forces model for industry competitiveness?

#28 New agricultural policy was started in the year of:

#29 A person in normal requires ___________ calories per day.

#30 The world summit for social Development was held in March 1995 in

#31 The book entitled “The accumulation of capital” has been written by:

#32 The term “Demographic transition” was coined by:

#33 According to Demographic Transition theory, a rapid increase in population consisting high fertility and falling mortality’s represent:

#34 National Rural livelihood Mission was launched in:

#35 National food security scheme was launched in:

#36 Indira Awas Yojana was launched in :

#37 Agriculture and Rural Debt Relied Scheme (ARDRS launch in:

#38 The NREGA was started in the country by the;

#39 Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojana was launched in:

#40 Bharat Nirman Program was Launched in:

#41 One important cause of increase in world population is that the society:

#42 Natural increase of population means:

#43 In India the first census was held in____________

#44 __________ refers to a movement into a particular area.

#45 The term___________ is used to describe the passage, societies make from high birth and death rates to low ones;

#46 Who has identified transition?

#47 The word “optimum” in society demography means;

#48 Which of the following Act is correct?

#49 The I.R.D.P was aimed at to initiate comprehensive development of:

#50 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) was launched in:




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