Supervisor Online test of Unit-1

Supervisor Online test of Unit-1: Hello Aspirants, we are going to start “Supervisor online test” series for social welfare supervisor exam. So, that candidates who are preparing for this exam can check their performance and can crack this exam by practicing more and more.

Supervisor Online test of Unit-1

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Supervisor Online test of Unit-1.

#1 The book “some principles of stratification” is written by:

#2 Material achievement is the example of which kind of value;

#3 Multidimensional view of social stratification is given by;

#4 The concept of folkways and more are forwarded by;

#5 Which among the following is not true regarding norms?

#6 ‘Society is a consciousness of the kind” is the definition of :

#7 ____________ is not a community.

#8 Which among the following statements regarding Folkways is not true?

#9 The book “Folkways” was written by;

#10 Which book is considered to be the “Bible of Sociology”?

#11 Norms are enforced by:

#12 A value is a belief that something is;

#13 Norms are briefly speaking;

#14 In the absence of social norms there will be, no:

#15 A nuclear family consisting of self, spouse and children is called:

#16 Family is primary instituting. Which among th following is not a secondary institution?

#17 M.N. Srinivas calls the interdependence among castes as;

#18 Who has introduced the concept of Dominant caste?

#19 Consanguine family stands for a type of;

#20 Polygamy is a term which covers both;

#21 Which among the following is not a twice born caste?

#22 According to A.R. Desai the rural class system consist of

#23 Who classified rural classes into three social classes namely into maliks, kisans, and mazdoors;

#24 The first step towards the economic equality in india was;

#25 Who is known as the father of modern education in India?

#26 Macaulay is known because of the contribution in the field of

#27 Family is an___________

#28 __________ is concrete whereas __________ is abstract

#29 ____________ is not a community.

#30 An association is formed when;

#31 Multidimensional view of social stratification is given by;

#32 Karl Marx gives to the social class the basis of;

#33 Marx’s recognitions of five types of society does not included;

#34 The term social stratification refers to…..

#35 The term gender Stratification refers to stratifications between

#36 Who had defined society “as a system of usages and procedures, of authority and mutual aid, of many grouping and divisions, of control of human behavior and of liberty, all ever changing?

#37 Who definition about Society is this: a complex of forms or processes each of which is living and growing by interaction with the others the whole being so unified that takes place in one part effects all the rest?

#38 Who of the following as defined community by saying that, “Community is a social group with some degree of “we feelings’ and living in a given area?

#39 According to the theory of divine origin about society it is believed that

#40 According to ___________ society is a web of social relation



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